Hello there!

i am currently running a jcm800 clone (PTP board) with an installed series loop (not tube) and i wanted to run some rack gear through it...

i really need a unit that will do reverb, chorus and phaser, with user presents, and midi ability, and sounds awesome;

now i know there is the TC G-Force, but i really dont want to pay $1500 for 3 fx in a rack.

Now my next concern is running a digital unit in my signal line between the pre-amp to the power amp. when off, it will be totaly bypassed ofcourse (hard bypass with relay) but when on, i will have my full signal going through the AD/DA converters ( ofcourse i can build a mixer box), so please let me know what you think?

the reason i want a midi controllable multi-fx instead of analogue stomp boxes is just because i like to switch between different types of reverb alot.

units i am looking at:
TC - G-major II
TC -M-One XL
Lexicon - MX400XL
FYI - there are reverb pedals out there that have different types of reverb built in.

The MFX should work fine with your amp too I guess. Why would it have to be midi again?

Also maybe ask in the Great Big Rack Amp Thread as I'm sure there is something I'm missing.