I just made this video, a little quickly, a few days ago. Can you guys please watch it and tell me how I'm doing? I've been playing for a year and about 3 months. Can you also reccomend me some other Metallica Riffs to learn? I'll be putting a second Metallica Riff video together eventually.
All of them?.
There's so many dood and a lot are easy to play, good playing anyway bud.
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Improve on your articulation. On your first video, you need to stop certain notes from ringing. Like at around 00:23, try stopping that note with your pick. It's kind of hard to explain over the internet. Also, work on your vibrato and make sure you bend to the right pitch. But for only a year thats actually some great playing.
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not too bad...your getting to the point of your playing where you are entering the shred era.....the only thing to step up your playing now to really push it is your timing..its off a little bit in some parts.....other than that i thought your comment said only 3 months playing and i was like nooooooo
post it in here, they'll probably be able to help more, plus stuff like this goes in guitar techniques. MT is mostly for theory.


and you're doing pretty good, you need to work on your timing (the main problem I saw was you tend to jump to the next phrase too early) and work on your bends, they're a little flat. practice by playing the fret two above and then go down and bend up, try to match the pitch as closely as possible. or if it's a half step bend, then try to match the fret above.

you also need to work on your articulation and muting out notes in certain parts.

I'm not trying to put ya down, you're actually doing pretty good for the amount of time you've been playing, just giving some constructive criticism.
7/10. I saw that Schism intro you did with the Les Paul, not bad, a few errors and dead notes here and there.

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