Hey guys, I need to do a school project, and for the project, I just need to pretty much make an instrumental version of This. I got everything done, expect I don't play drums, so I don't know how to tab out the beat. So help me out, please?

EDIT: So I just need to know what beat the bass drum plays, the snare, etc.
EDIT2: Or even better could someone tell me how I could just take out the annoying children's voices?
EDIT3: I'm using FL Studios 9 if that helps at all..
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Sounds like its on everyone on beats, I think there is one hihat after the last snare but im not sure.
It's pretty much just this over and over:
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On what beats? (Sorry I can't drum for shit and I'm feeling lazy as shit.)

high hat|x-x-x-x-x-x-x-
snare   |----x-------x-
bass    |x-------x-x---

basically like that, but the bass beat changes a little bit so that at the spot where it has two in a row it'll have 3 or 4 sometimes, but the general idea stays the same.

edit: if i'd seen him post that i wouldn't have bothered making a tab lol. note to TS, on GP 36 is the bass drum and 38 is the snare, so his is exactly the same as mine.

and it's pretty obvious what 42 is... the meaning of life! (or a high hat)
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Thank you very much guys!

and for future reference, the easiest way for me is to first lay down the high hat (or the ride or whatever is being used to keep time) and then fill in the bass and snare relative to the high hat beats, then once you've got the basic beat down throw in things like cymbals and toms and fills. this song didn't have any of that though which made it really easy.