Ok so i want to buy some recording equipment. I want something that can record guitars, vocals, and possibly drums. I want it to be able to record my guitar through my marshall amp. I have basically no knowledge of recording equipment. I went to guitar center and asked about it and they basically spoke in a foreign language. They recommended I try something like


someone else recomended


Can someone tell me if these are any good and what i can do with them? Plus, what all i would have to buy to go with them. Thank you.
If you want to record with your PC, you're going to need an audio interface. Cheaper audio interfaces have 1-2 mic inputs, meaning you can only record 2 tracks at a time. So if you want to record drums, 2 mics isn't really enough.

The more expensive interfaces have 8+ which is usually enough to record everything track by track.

Basically you need Mics + Audio interface + Computer with recording software



Theres 2 different audio interfaces
well for a beginner Reaper is a good program. It allows you to record multiple mics at a time. Also your gonna want some good mics. a mixer would do good. get a usb compatible one (or firewire if you have a mac) and try it out. http://www.sweetwater.com/feature/daw/ this is a good article.