What are some good music magazines to subscribe to? I subbed to rolling stone a few weeks ago but I'm not all that satisfied. I guess mags like revolver would be cool im more into metal.

So Pit, What magazines would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.
Internet>Commercial mags
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Also, I like black.

EDIT: Bloody Knuckles and Brave Words (www.bravewords.com)
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Well, although more oriented toward guitar playing, Guitar Player is a good one. They usually are pretty up on Hard Rock & Metal. Always at least 1 article every issue about something Metal. Plus, they always have bands like Slayer or Metallica or KSE or Dream Theater as the cover band when 1 comes out with a new album.

A true metal magazine.
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A true metal magazine.
Zero Tolerance > Terrorizer
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Zero Tolerance > Terrorizer

Zero Tolerance? Is that really a magazine title?

Sounds like something with more elitism on each page than in a month's worth of pit threads

EDIT: Found their website. "Extreme opinions on extreme music, by extreme people". Dunno what to think.
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