I am having trouble determining how to set up my pedalboard (I would just plug it in and try it to see what I liked best, but I haven't bought all the components I'll need so I'd rather see if I can avoid buying anything unnecessary.) I generally use two guitars on stage, and a mesa Boogie Single Rectifier amplifier. This mesa sounds extremely good for one of my guitars, but the other guitar has different pickups (which I need it to :P) and the distortion I have set up doesn't quite match, so I like to use an overdrive pedal with that guitar instead. My problem here is however that I would like a real pedalboard now that I am increasing the number of pedals I use in my signal chain, namely a delay pedal and a chorus pedal. My question is if it will sound fine with the two pedals after my overdrive but not in my amplifier loop, cutting them in front of my distortion channel? Or will I need to run the pedals through my effects loop? Are there any other kinds of pedals that should almost certainly go in the effects loop?
I'd say run it through the amp input first then through the effects loops and see what you like. as ffor the order I'd go chorus>OD>delay.