so I bought my tele a couple of years ago (before the big hundred dollar price jump) for $400 and afterwards even though I loved it, it wasn't for me, now I'm considering selling/trading it and was wondering if any UG'ers are interested? I live in the Continental US in the southeast and would be willing to post pictures. since I don't like paying more than what something is worth, and I bought it for $400 (not the $550 it goes for now!) I will sell for $350 or a trade for a guitar of equal value. It has straplocks installed and the only nicks/scratches are a small (1/2cm) nick in the paint above the control plate and a nick on the headstock. the only problems it hasit that the jack is a little loose and I can't be arsed to fix it, so really I think you could repair it to be of equal quality to a brand new 09'er for under $400! thankies!
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