Christmas time is coming up very soon, and I'm looking to purchase an overdrive pedal, or a distortion pedal. Just need some good advice on what I should go for.

I have a solid-state Ibanez 10-watt amp (GTP10), which is an amp that came with a Ibanez GIO starter kit I got a few years back, and the distortion on it just doesn't have the kick I really want.

I play mainly metal, such as Killswitch Engage, Dethklok, some Disturbed and Metallica, Children of Bodom, and I sometimes dwell into some death metal acts like White Chapel and Suicide Silence.

I have a Epiphone SG Special (Fail, I know) & obviously the pickups aren't very good to begin with..

So I'm looking for a nice pedal that'll give me a nice full warm tone that has enough attack to play various types of metal.

Another thing to keep in mind is I'm also contemplating getting a Roland Cube 30 Amp, for better tonal quality straight from the amp.

I've heard Maxon OD808 is a very nice pedal that can pump out some serious tone, but I've also read overdrive pedals should be played through tube amplifiers.. And if you have a solid-state, you should stick with a distortion pedal.

Just looking for some good advice on what I should look into for pedals.

Budget isn't very high, say around 100-150 US Dollars for a pedal.

EDIT: I was rummaging through my closet, and I came across my old Digitech RP250. I remember I got this for my birthday a few years back, and I hated the sound of it. The distortions that are programmed into it are just so digital and bland. Playing through it made me want a good distortion pedal even more. I forgot I even owned this pedal. BUT, I still don't like it. Lol.
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I wouldn't bother with putting nice pedals through a cheap ss amp. It just wont do it justice, you're better off saving towards a new amp. NOT THE MARSHALL MG.

Vox Valvetronix, Peavey Vypyr, Roland Cube 30 or something similar with a satisfying basic sound.

Overdrive pedals can be used on SS amps, but the general use of them is to push an allready over driven valve amp to tighten it up and boost it. It doesn't really interact with amps the same way with solid state amps.
i say just get a Roland Microcube or Peavey Vypyr. the Microcube would be easier to use.
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I don't recommend passive pickups for any kind of blues tone. Ideally, you'd want a passive pickup with a reasonably low level of output.
yeah get a new amp. i would look around, most UGers aren't too fond of MG's and if you buy used you might even be able to get a tube amp of some kind.
Ok well I would recommend a better amp first. And saying things about Marshall MG's in this forum will get you flamed halfway to Tuesday. I say get maybe a Roland Cube 30x. Its a decent amp with a good clean channel and good distortions. or maybe Roland Cube 20 considering your budget. but if you want to just get an OD/Distortion Pedal Try out a Digitech Bad Monkey, Digitech Hardwire OD or Tube Distortion.
Well that helps a bunch, thanks.
I've seen a lot of bad crap about the MG's, it just seemed a good cheap amp.
I'll definitly look into those amps, most fondly the Roland.
I played through a cube 30x and it was amazing, just didn't have the cash at the time.
Hopefully I score one soon, eh?
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Well that helps a bunch, thanks.
I've seen a lot of bad crap about the MG's, it just seemed a good cheap amp.
I'll definitly look into those amps, most fondly the Roland.
I played through a microcube 30x and it was amazing, just didn't have the cash at the time.
Hopefully I score one soon, eh?

You made a good choice young grasshopper.
I would suggest getting a new amp, but I was in the same place as you once, i had an sg special (not great, but it does the job) and a 10watt practice amp. Even though your guitar isnt great, most of the sound is from the amp anyways. For what you want, I would suggest a boss ds-1. Its not the greatest distortion pedal in the world, but for your situation, no offense, but you probably don't have the ear that you will have in a few years when you actually know what sound you're exactly looking for. When you reach that point, you can buy really nice pedals. In your situation, the ds-1 is only 40 dollars new, and it gives some good stock sounds. Satriani and vai along with countless others use modded versions of the ds1 too. I would strongly suggest not getting the mg30 though. For your next amp, if you are not gonna go with tubes, look into the peavey vypers or maybe some vox amps. Buy the $40 pedal, and save the rest for a new amp or guitar.
I can't exactly say I'm experienced, but I'm not a newbie at guitar, despite my gear.. Lol.
It really just comes down to the fact that I'm unemployed and only 17.
Funny you mention the DS1, was just checking it out over at musiciansfriend.
I'm going to look into that one along with a Roland Microcube.
i haven't been flamed in a long time, i miss getting flamed guys, feel free to attack me =)

i have that same ibanez 10 watt amp, it's not great, but it does the job. honestly, i wouldn't get an amp of the same power and the same price range, it'd be more of a step forward... when you'll want a better amp, you'll be able to get another one
i speak from experience, i have both the ibanez 10 watters and a roland cube, and i don't even touch the cube anymore, i don't like it at all.
if you want some warm pedal, i'd suggest the mxr gt-od, i tried a lot of overdrive pedals and it's the only one that really made me go ''WOW''. and even through that amp, it shines.
You could get a bugera v5 and a distortion pedal for 200 or less.
So! I bought a Boss DS1 pedal today!
Don't get it until Christmas though >.>
but still, got it for 40 bucks like I'd been told.
On a further note, I'm also ordering a Schecter Damien 6 or 7 next weekend.
I also checked out the Roland Cube 30. It's sick. I'm definitly buying one.
So thanks for everyones advice.
I now am going to have a lot better equipment ^.^