Hey guys, i'm looking for a drive pedal for my single channel Blackheart amp.

I mainly play classic rock, but like to play other rock genres as well. Some of my interests would be
Van Halen
ZZ Top
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Velvet Revolver
Tom Petty
New Found Glory
Def Leppard

These are just some of them

Would you guys suggest?

Looking to stay under $100 and i'm will to buy used.
My Gear
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Fender Acoustic DG-22 Ebony
Bugera 6262 combo
Blackheart Little Giant Half-stack
Korg Pitchblack Tuner
Boss RC-2 Loop Station
TS9 would be pretty standard for that type of sound?
in budget too - might even get new at that price