I'm going to purchase a Peavey Vypyr that I'll be playing through a Fender Jagstang primarily, but I really want to know, is there much I'll be missing out on if I don't pay 70 extra dollars/pounds/euros that I don't really have?

Basically, I'm just wondering if I should wait a 3 months or so to get the 30 watt rather than the 15 watt. I'll barely be gigging, although I think that I may be occasionally, but apparently everything at full would work out and if that doesn't work out, I can get gear that will amplify my amp sound.

I just want to know what I'll be missing out on if I get the 15 rather than the 30, will I be missing out on much or would I be missing out on not much at all? I know both have Clean and Dirty channels, but there are other features, which I'm too lazy to include here, that is included in the 30 watt and not the 15 watt, are these features important? Do they make the amp what it is? I was wondering if I could get a tip from someone who owns/owned a Vypyr or has played it on quite a regular basis.

Oh yeah, and before I get the cliché "Go in the shop and try it" message, I'm going to be ordering online because it's hard to find Peavey suppliers.
I'd say wait. In general, the 30 watt is just consistently better in all aspects, and assuming you have a job, 70 dollars shouldn't be a big wait.
No, I don't have a job, I live in London and I'm still studying. The 15 watt sounds brilliant, but the 30 watt is absolutely breath taking, so I'm still in a state of thinking. If I did have a job, I wouldn't hesitate purchasing it, the difference between the 15 watt and 30 watt would be about a days paycheck with the qualifications I'm at at the moment.
What's the difference in sterling then? I'd have a better idea of how big the difference is then.
£70 is the difference (something I won't really be able to raise until about March-May 2009 considering I'm going to be purchasing a new guitar after Christmas. I currently have an unbearable rusty amp that I had to take out since I got rid of my other amp to pay for my Jag-Stang, which is horrible, it does nothing at all, it merely just makes the sound louder, it has knobs for Bass and Treble, but that a bunch of crap because it does nothing whatsoever. So, I'm really desperate, but I really hate making bad mistakes and investments like when I first started playing ages ago, I bought a horrible starter pack off of Flea-Bay, and it was ridiculous, the thing started falling apart.