"Custom Fender Stratocaster
Custom Fiesta Red nitrocellulose lacquer paint job
Solid ALDER body
Rosewood SLAB neck refinished in Nitro as well, new decals.
Guitar was upgraded with Fender standard pots/pickups/pickguard- Made in Mexico
Great player. Cool Vintage paint job
Great sounding pickups.
Lots of good parts on this guitar. Comes with a cool Strap, Schaller strap locks, and Fender Gig bag"

saw this on craiglist for 200. is it worth it?
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Well a lot of times people skip out on actually saying it's a squier just to get people to check it out. Did you see pictures of it?

Notice how they say it's been upgraded with "Made-in-Mexico parts (pickguard, pots, pickups)

So if it's a fender and plays nice it's a good deal, if it's a squier and/or it sucks then it's not a good deal.

EDIT: go play it and see if you like it.
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