Hello people!

Just to start with: English is not my mother tongue

I own a Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Alnico Classic Humbuckers) and a Roland cube 60. Now, i play a lot of rock and hard rock for myself at the evenings but at my friend's house (hes a drummer) we both like to kick it up to Metal which meens more Distortion and more volume!! But, suddenly super-high pitched shrieks screamed through your bones and limbs from the amp. ESPECIALLY when i leave both my hands away from the strings so its all open or when i mute with my palm (then the shrieks makes you nocious). This only happens when the volume is at 50 or above and of course with sexy heavy distortion on (I use a Boss Metal Core-ML2) but the shrieks still coming if i use the gain on my amp. Question is: Did the amp blow up or what, guitar-pickups are broken?, Pickup-switch has connection problems with the pickup? Or do i simply do this wrong?

Reason i ask here is to hear if someone have experienced this or have any other advices than taking it to a repair. Im way too poor after my new Wah pedal

Thanks for responds.
It's called feedback. It happens with every guitar. Try and move away from your amp, and turn away from it too.

Also, just at bedroom volumes, take your hands away from any metal part of the guitar. Is there a huge increase in hum?
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Well, i tried your advice and it didnt help out at all. Has it something to do with the size of the room youre in, thinking of the soundwaves. We play together in the smallest room ive ever been in, only room for 3 people. 'Cause this really drives me mad, 'Cause i can only play Chords and when i dont play i must turn the volume switch to 0 and not just mute the strings, because thats when that "feedback" comes. I never touch any metal part on the guitar.
Feedback is normal, and when you play with a lot of gain you do need to turn away from the amp, and when you're not playing at all, you need to turn down the volume. That's why they made a volume pedal / control on your guitar. If you don't want it to feed there's two things you can do, one being getting a larger room so you can move away from the amp, or the other being turning down the volume.
And just one more thing, take that Boss pedal out of there, and just use the amps distortion. Roland Cubes can go really heavy to be honest.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
Allright then, thanks for the quick responds

EDIT: I feel so dumb... i turned the volume up and bam, the feedback came to me. I turned away from the amp and voila after 3seconds it dissapeared completely. Thanks for helping
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