Ok, so I just got a Marshall DSL 100 and I LOVE the tone. Here's the problem, I really like the crunch channel for rythem and the lead channel for lead (duh) but the clean channel is shared with the crunch channel, so I can't use both without running back to the amp and adjusting the gain and volume, which is a problem live. I was thinking about using the clean/crunch channel as a clean channel and the Lead channel as a lower gain rythem. Now, for leads I was wondering if I could use a tube screamer to increase the volume and gain a little on the lead channel? I don't want to change my Marshall's tone/sound I just want to enhance it. Will a tube screamer do this? And if not, does anyone have a solution to give me a clean, crunch and lead that will be easy to access?
Roll down your volume on the clean/crunch channel?
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