Hey, I'm in the process of turning some solo acoustic songs into full band stuff, finding it difficult atm, anyone been in a similar position or have any tips??
i am faced with this all the time, i write music alone is my bedroom and then try and arrange it for a full band. there are two approaches i find most effective:

1. if you want to keep the "acoustic" sound in the full band version then try building each part around the acoustic guitar part. the other parts won't really stand out they will just support the guitar and vocals. for an example of this listen to john mayers first album "room for squares"

2. start fresh as if you were writing a different song entirely. you can keep the same melody and chords but try and give it a different beat and focus the song around drum/bass beats and lead guitar parts. don't even include the acoustic if you want.
anything specific that your finding difficult? Or just the whole creative process?