A few guys were asking me to make a gear demo. I made one today. I will make a better one when I have more time.

My video camera must have a built in noise reduction or compressor in it. The guitar amp volumes are loud, but the camera mic doesn't let the sound breath. It makes some of the tones sound a lot worse and compressed than they are here in the room, then youtube compresses it even more, but what can you do?

Pretty cool man.

Tons of effects, but sounds great
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PS: you are closer to EJ than you think

That's what I was thinking. That EJ tone was unbelievable!
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Great EJ tone, i recommend just a little less gain (by like 1, 2 max). the tone however is almost perfect though.
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Sounds great
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Really nice amps and pedals you got your self. That Fuzz Face set up you have going is nice and sick, mate.

Your first tone is real thick and harmonicy. Sounds nice.

Your clean tone is nice and slappy, got a good country twang.

Your second tone is nice, but I don't think that your mics are doing it justice.

That's all I watched, my attention has drifted, I'm afraid.
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