I have always used anchoring for soloing and some lead riffs, although not while playing rhythm. I recently saw a lot of people saying that anchoring hinders you and that you shouldn't do it. At the same time I have seen guitarists like Michael Angelo Batio use anchoring quite a bit.

Can anyone clarify this situation?
think of it as using crutches, it just helps you in thoes situations, but if you work for a while without anchoring, than go back to it, youll probubly be able to do things faster
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Don't anchor - it creates unnecessary tension and will only injure you somewhere along the line. Instead, I recommend you practice with your hand either floating free of the body entirely or with the side of your hand resting lightly against the strings. I prefer the latter style because it mutes the strings below the one you're currently on so that they don't accidentally ring out. As long as you aren't pushing down on the strings with the edge of your hand, you're not creating tension, hence you aren't anchoring.
MAB does it because he is a lefty that learned to play righty guitar. He actually doesn't use the normal style of picking, he uses oscillation picking.
Of course, I'm not advocating it, just explaining why he does it and he probably won't change since he's had no injuries yet.
I personally think you should stop anchoring, you will soon see (after the suck period) that it does help with accuracy and tension.
I anchored until I started learning Paul Gilbert stuff, the string skipping arpeggios and such. Once I got used to not doing it, my playing started to improve drastically. I can see it helping when you're first starting out and trying to learn to spacing between strings, but beyond that I see it as a hinderance rather than helping your playing.
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