This is just a nice, fun song. Yesterday at band practice my guitarist (whom we happen to call "Stallion"), asked me to make a song about his English teacher who happened to make him accidentally puncture his finger in sewing class (making his picking hand awkwardly painful). So I've just made it now and I'm gonna show him next band practice. Sure it's a bit short and a bit broad in its topic, but I'm sure he'll approve.

Comments and feedback appreciated!


How dare you think to scold me your solution?
With this broken hand I crush all of the lies
With this bleeding finger I accuse you
And plot the creation of your demise

Leave your words on the table and tell me no more
Leave your expectations in the f*cking sky
Watch them burn as I set it all ablaze
In return I will watch you slowly die

You can give me another 10 ways to live
But we can all make a million ways to die
The glass you see through protects you
But I will shatter it all
And watch it gouge your filthy eyes