I just bought an acoustic guitar. I've wanted to play forever, tried once and now I'm really serious about it this time.
I've learned some about reading tabs and stuff. But I'm horrible at cords right now.
Although I just got my guitar 2 days ago.
I'm a pretty quick learner, but I really need some good easy songs to start out on.
So if you know of any or have any advice that would be great!
I might get killed for this, but Never Too Late and Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace. Two really kickass songs that are easy, fun to play, and that will impress people. They were two of the first songs I learned when I started guitar. You've got an acoustic too so they'll sound even better.
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You could also try Good Riddance by Green Day. Or any Green Day song in general, actually.
Punk songs, usually just power chords then a nice sounding lead riff. Doesn't mean you can't learn more about composition, right? It's all about how you play, not JUST what you play. You can change the theme/mood/tone of a song with just your right hand man, YOUR RIGHT HAND MAN. Just try, if you mess up, at least you're actually trying; I hope. I recommend punk, but you can try classic rock too, if you want. Pick what you want, so you can actually try to play the song, but you should always do that.