I want an od pedal to tighten up the sound of my mesa f30
what i want to no is if it is worth the money to get a tubescreamer, or wether i should just get a bad monkey.
Ive also heard good things about both the danelctro transparent od and the CO-1, would you recommend one of them?

Because the bad monkey and danelctro pedals are so cheap i could get 2, one for a boost for solos and one to tighten the sound, or even 3, but there prob isnt any point in that...
or is the tubescreamer worth the extra cash?

Also is there a big difference between the V1 and V2 danelectros?
Or is there any other pedal you would recommend

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The Bad Monkey is a great pedal if you're not willing to shell out a lot of cash. Generally, tubescreamer pedals are good for tightening up your amp as they have a characteristic mid hump and a slight dip in the bass. It's definitely a cool sound but I find my amp liking more transparent overdrives. That way, it doesn't color my amp's tone as much and I retain much of the natural dynamics of my amplifier.

Some pedals to look at: Maxon OD9 or OD-808 (TS9 and TS808 clones), Goudie Electronics G-Drive, BBE Green Screamer are all nice tube screamer variants. The Goudie being my favorite.

I've also had much success with the Xotic BB Preamp and AC Booster.

For boost pedals though, check out the Keeley Katana and the Xotic RC Booster. Finally if you want to splurge, I have nothing but good things to say about the Mad Professor Sweet Honey overdrive. Very tweakable and very amp like response and feel.
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The Trans OD is more of a boost. I hear the Bad Monkey is better for tightening. I haven't tried a V2 of the Dano, but I hear the V1 is loads better.

In conclusion, try both.
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The best sound/value for overdrives is the Digitech HardWire CM-2. Going higher up I'd definitely recommend you a Xotic BB Preamp.