hey all,
i have a marshall mg100fx half stack
cheap stack, i love the sound from it
i bought a b52 strait cab to stack under it
it sounds GREAT...the low end of this cabinet complimates the marshall so well...and oh yeah its loud as hell!
the cab is great, allowing me to choose between 4,8, or 16 ohms. and running stereo or mono (this is the cab i use at smaller gigs were only a half stack is required)
my issue is when i use the two cabs together i like to stack them
(theres somthing about playing out of an amp thats 6 feet tall \m/) and the legs of the marshall (top cab) dont match up to the recieving slots on top of the b52, so it kinda sketches me out when i stack them...any thing i could do to move the slots on the b52 to match the legs of the marshall?
idk about that man.

why not just switch the cabs?

But you need to look into a better amp.

But I wont harass you since you like the sound.

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cant switch them, marshalls a slant cab and slightly smaller
b52s got casters, strait cab and its bigger
i know, its a cheap "starter stack" but i hate fx pedals. i use a wah thats it
i use a gibson goth explorer, a customized jackson RR, an ibanez RG with duncans, and for all the guitars i really like the hi gain solid state tone this head cranks out.
dont get me wrong, i love my old tube amps, but for myband and the type of music we play, this is the sound i need
Remove the feet from the head, get some 2" wide velcro with adhesive and velcro the head to which ever cab you want to use
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I used to play with a band where the guitar player used cargo straps on both sides of his full stack to keep his 2 different size cabs ontop of each other.

You could try to move the feet on the top cab, or just take them off completely.
Sell both cabs and get a single good one.
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Sell both cabs and get a single good one.

If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
thanks for the feedback guys, gonna try the velcro and the cargo straps...post how it works out in a couple days
removed the legs from my marshall cab and velcro'ed the entire bottom of it/ top of b52, and use a ratchet strap around the both cabs, running it through all 4 side handles... i feel a lot more confident stacking them on top of each other now, thanks for the suggestions dudes
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That'd be my advice as well. Orange/Mesa better than any two cheap cabs. (And better louder.)
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OMFG, not an MG. You must be out of your mind.

Should have got a spider.
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just have the two cabs sitting side by side
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