I'm interested in buying a noise gate and have been looking at a few different ones...now obviously the ISP decimator is the best from what I've gathered, However I'm on a tight budget. I'd prefer to spend as little as possible. My budget is about $90 US.

I was considering just getting a NS-2 used cheap. But I found on the Behringer noise gate is basically just a clone.

My question is how similar is it and how badly will it suck tone (As opposed to the boss).

And im NOT INTERESTED in behringer haters, I only want comments from people who've actually had experience with the pedals
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I've got a Behringer 7-band equalizer, and it doesn't seem to bring extra hiss or noise to my signal, so I feel comfortable about using Behringer pedals and would think the Noise gate doesn't suck more tone than the Boss. I've also had a NS-2 and thought it was a damn good noise gate.

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I would say save up for the cheapest ISP.. I know its out of budget, and your budget is tight.. but speaking from experience, the difference between the boss and ISP was insane.

I have never used a behringer noise gate, so I can't really help you there.
i would look into the MXR smart gate, i have used them before and i'm really happy with the results. i went from the mxr to a rack suppressor and i would recommend that but a rack unit isn't for everyone even though rack suppressors are the better than any actual pedal. If you are interested in a rack suppressor look into a rocktron super hush C.

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I tried an Behringer noise gate, before I bought my NS2 and I definitely noticed a huge change in my tone and sound through the Behringer. Pay the extra money and get something that you will be happy with.
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