I'm gunna go a head and second this. As for my opinion I'd say the ESP because of the pickups and the neck (personal preferences) and i've heard Gibson is slackin' on the quality control a bit.

EDIT: And the ESP's heel joint is smaller and the access to the higher frets is contoured (carved) for much easier and higher access.
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i think the ESP is better but i play mostly metal so i am pretty biased. You might want to go the gibson route based on the music you play.

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I have a LP studio and I also have a LP DC, IMO the studio isnt worth the price. I would spend the $$ and upgrade, as for the ESP I don't have any experiance with it so i can't say either way. hope the info on the LP helps though
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I've never played the ESP, but I have a studio and love it
I am a bit too in love with my Gibson Les Paul Studio

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The EC1000 had a nice feel to it, but except for the vintage black one (which costs a bit more) the finish felt a little off.

The EC1000 with EMGs is limited a fair amount by them, so I would not suggest it unless you really know you want an EMG guitar. The one with the JB/Jazz set is pretty versatile.

The Studio has a bigger tone than the EC1000, and tends not to get thinner when dialed back the way the EC1000 can with some amps. Since it has a thicker tone, it does have a little less clarity than the EC1000, especially the EMG version.

They're both very good guitars. I think if you like EMGs the Vintage Black finish one would be the best choice since it has the nicest playability of the bunch. If you're not an EMG person, the Studio is what I'd suggest.
EMG's plus the music you play will be an epic fail. I would go with the ESP and replace the pickups or just go with the studio. there is an ESP eclipse model with passive seymour duncans which will suit your needs much better than emgs. ESP Eclipse II
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God those are sexy guitars. I vote those.

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personally i rather have the studio. i think the tone would fit what you play a lot better than the ESP. i've never played an ESP i like so im biased for sure. all dpends on what feels and sounds best to you. so why not try them out...
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I wouldn't say either is better than the other. However, the ESP-LTD is a more consistent brand in terms of quality control. So if you are going to buy online, the LTD. If you're buying from a store, so long as you check the guitar out properly they're both on-par.
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Get the LTD with the Seymour Duncans?
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you get the one that feels better to you
it's all about the feel
people on here can only recomend things within a price range that have good review / good personal experiance
but while 100 people have love you, you may hate it
get yo ass to a guitar shop and try guitars out in your price range
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the studio is probably better ofr wha you need...although a good agile and new puck ups might work