I am just getting into recording and downloaded Audacity because it was free and such. While recording with it, I encountered a problem. About 10 seconds into recording, volume is lost and it sounds compressed and digitized. It stays like that for about 20-30 seconds then goes back to normal. What I am doing is plugging my mic right into my computer through the regular mic interface of the computer. My friend said this has happened to him on Mixcraft as well. Any help would be great. Thanks
I used to have that same problem (not with audacity but with windows sound recorder) and unfortunately im not sure when how or why it stopped but i think it had to do with the volume being to high

Like try muting the stereo mix, deselecting microphone boost or just lowering the volume on the line in/mic in.

Also you might try reinstalling audacity because the unstable 1.3.xxx versions often have random little problems that often can be solved by simply reinstalling the program ( or you can just get the stable 1.2 version
The mic I was using is a decent mic and the lead looked fine. I had used it through a PA previously and it performed well. Yeah, the problem happens everytime, without fail, unfortunately, lol.