hi guys im after a new tube amp haed atm, and i really cant decide what to get.

so far on the short list are:
valveking 100w head
bugera 6262 120w head

however i have been looking around the net and have found the, krank rev jr pro 50w
what do u guys think of this amp?

the sound im going for is a Black Dahlia Murder style sound, full on gain but still with clarity and no mud in the sound.

will the krank rev jr pro 50w do this for me with no pedals?
also i cant seem to find on the net is can u plug the krank in to a 212 cab?

many thanks james

TLDR: can the krank rev jr pro 50w give me the br00talz?
Yes, you can plug the Krank into a 2x12 cab, or even a 4x12 cab if you choose. Just as long as the impedance (ohms) match up on the head and the cab. So I say go with the Krank
i would say go with the krank if you want more of a death metal or black metal sound. the peavey valveking would be a good choice but you might need a tube screamer to fully get a heavy tube overdriven sound, same with the bugera. also with the bugera i have heard of people changing the tubes almost immediatly because they didn't think the tone was satisfactory. so yeah the Krank would be a good choice. if i were you i would look into the krankenstein Jr. it seems to have just a little more gain on tap and i have heard they put a little more time into each krankenstein amp. hope this helps.

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yeah i just saw they did a 50w version of the Krankenstein as well, all i gotta do now is find a dealer in the uk, cheers guys