Are they any good?

I saw a few demos of the Tube Overdrive and Valve Distortion, they sound pretty good.

So what are you guy's thoughts on them? I'm in the market for a new distortion box and came across them, just a bit curious...
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the entire line is great, miles ahead of most digitech products.
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I really liked the HardWire TL-2 Metal Distortion that I tried.
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Only have the reverb, so can't comment on the overdrive/distortion, but the quality of the unit is amazing. It is tank like and slightly larger than my other pedals (ts808 & Boss compressor) but really impresses me with the quality of the sound from it for a digital reverb. I don't think you'd be disappointed with either but give them both a try out in your local store.
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The whole HardWire line is amazingly good. It's really hard to find better pedals for the money IMO.

I picked up the CM-2 Overdive, HT-2 Tuner and RV-7 Reverb, I can honestly say I am 110% happy with each one. Solid construction, excellent sound quality, plenty of features and true bypass.

Blackstar makes excellent pedals too, in fact I own their HT-DRIVE overdrive. Ironically even with a tube upgrade, the CM-2 still sounds better. I still plan on buying a DISTX for use with my Bandit 112 though.