So the Experience Hendrix tribute tour is coming to Atlanta on March 28th!!! The lineup includes Buddy Guy, Joe Satriani, Billy Cox, Eric Johnson, Johnny Lang, Ernie Isley, Sacred Steel, Robert Randolph, Living Colour, Chris Layton, and more! I WILL get tickets the day they go on sale. Just want to let you guys know it's at the Fox Theatre.

Anybody ever see this tour Live??? It's going on right now and has been for the past like 2 years atleast.
I'm soooo freaking excited!
I saw it last year while Mitch Mitchell was still alive. And Robby Kriegar was there Kenny Wayne Shepherd Buddy guy. And of course being a bassist seeing Billy Cox was a treat. Holy crap a really great show you'll enjoy it.
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what site did you find this on?
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what site did you find this on?

I saw an ad/live show from 2008 tour on a local atlanta channel. i accidentally ran across it but they said tickets are not on sale yet