So i hear these buzzing noises from my tube amp.
soon after i flick the standby, there is a small crackling noise.
when i play a note or chord loudly i hear buzzing noises.

could this mean my 12AX7 needs replacing?
If so, could i do it myself? i was told that the power tubes are the only ones that require biasing.
ac50cp head.

so just pull them out softly then plug the new ones in with a cloth right?

the amp supports 4x 12AX7 and 4x ECC83, bothV1(what ever that means).
do i have to replace all 4 of them?

Lol now my amp is making a humming noise when its on.
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it wasnt making a huge noticeable hum before, it ran quite quiet. the hum now is louder and more noticiable.