Im debating between a few guitars. out of these which do you think would be the best choice? i play heavier rock/metal but also appreciate cleans.

I was thinking either the ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000, the Gibson Les Paul Studio, or getting and Agile 3100 and using the extra cash for pedals/amp stuff

If you had to choose what would it be? open to suggestions of other guitars also. Right now i have an Ibanez RG320DX with floyd rose and am looking for something without FR.
Right now i use a randall warhead with a 4x12 peavey cab. I know the cab aint great but when i got it it was what i could afford. I like the warhead for now even though it is solid state it sounds great to me. eventually i will upgrade hopefully to a mesa or engl if i can.

As for the schecter. i was looking into that one and the blackjack, along with the PRS SE custom 24 but I would like to go with a guitar with the les paul style body.
i just looked those up. pretty good looking. you know if they play nice? one thing i like about the esp is that it came with EMG pickups.
Well I'm more of a classic rock kind of guy, but the Patriot I played was nicer than the equivilant Epiphone (Standard that I own) and it sound nicer because of the nicer pickups.

It could definetly do teh br00tz with the right amp, though.
the prs se comes in a single cut version.
a high end epiphone les paul would be better than a low end gibson.

personally i think schecter gives you the best bang for your buck.
Save up and gget the EC-1000 or have a look at the LTD-401 series, they are a it cheaper and basically the same minus the binding.
I would caution about EMGs through a SS amp. They won't sound bad, just not as good as they could sound. I think I'd go with the Agile and either a pickup swap pretty soon or put the saving towards that new amp.
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If you don't mind not getting a les paul shape, take a look at checter avengers, they are bad ass. also you can get them quite cheap if you look hard enough.
Get a used Epiphone Elitist Les Paul.
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well actually banana wedgie, the other option i was debating was to not even get a new guitar, sell the warhead, and use the extra cash to get a dual rec or something. not sure how soon i would have enough money though because of christmas and stuff :/ butt if i decide to sell it i will message ya.
Get an ESP EC-401, its about as good as the EC-1000 (IMO) and is also a fair bit cheaper....
Alternativley, the Schecter C1 classic is t3h br00tals and t3h not br00tals.]

i when to guitar center yesterday and tried the ec-100 and the 401fv they fell way diferent try them first. the 401 waz thinker and at least 2 pounds heavier than the 1000, the 1000 waz lighter and had the contous wich were nice and the 24 frets felt difernent than the 22 on the 401. they were both very nice but they arnt the same.