I was considering getting a Digitech Hardwire DL-8 pedal, however I would like to know if there are any other pedals that do the same thing. Could anyone please suggest some other pedals that can do delay and loop for me to look at?
I think EHX might have one but i'm not quite sure. To be honest i recommend getting a delay and a looper separately.
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Memory Boy! Just got one today and i love it
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I believe the Boss DD7 has a looper built in. As far as delays go I think the Nova Repeater is the best in that price range
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I have the DL-8 and its a good pedal loops are nice and clear and love messing around with the time setting while looper a la get out of my yard.
The DL8 is a fantastic pedal. It's more of a delay pedal with a some looper functionality built in rather than a delay + looper pedal.

If you only need like 20 seconds of loop then get the DL8, if you want more in-depth looping then you'll have to look at a separate loop pedal as well (I recommend the Digitech Jamman).
Digitech Jamman is a great loop pedal, really fantastic to mess around with. Or if you want a delay with looping, there's the new Memory Man with Hazarai from EHX; that's got something like a 30-second loop function in it, and all your delay sounds as well. EHX also have a looper, the 2880, but I've really no experience of that whatsoever.
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