Hi good people.

I'm having a hard time finding out info on this limited edition guitar. What are its specs?

Anybody have any experience with this guitar? Basically, is it a good guitar or a bag of nails?

With that in mind, roughly what is it worth second hand?

I have the option to buy this, its on my shortlist of a few guitars so I'd just like to get an idea of what its all about.

Ha yeah there's no info on the web. Try it out. I can't even find out where it was produced or basically anything. But it's probably just the same as any HSS model, aside from aesthetics. It's quality of course is going to be a matter of where it's produced at.
Seems like its a Mexican Strat sprayed silver from what I can work out !

There was me thinking it was something special.
I have a Fender Gold Sister with the chrome pickguard and aztec gold finish.It's MIM, and I love it aside from the pick-ups and small fret wire.
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I think I've come to the conclusion I like it for its aesthetics and novelty rather than being the right guitar for me. I don't think the guy has changed the pickups on it so its not going to be great for playing heavy I wouldn't have thought.