hey i know there is another forum for this somewhere but im kinda in a rush here
but anyway i have a problem with my amp/guitar im not completely shure witch is causing the problem but i have a fender strat and i run it through a marshall head into 2 cabs one of which is a peavy and the other is a randall. so the problem is when i start to crank the amp past 6 or 7 on the master volume on the head it starts to squeak really really high pitched
now im pretty shure its not the guitar because it squeaks no matter witch guitar i use.
im pretty shure its the head. because i know none of the speakers are blown and i know it has a good ground. but i was wondering if theres anything i can do besides getting a noise suppressor weather it be a rack mount or a pedal.
but if there is absolutely nothing i can do other than get a noise suppressor witch one would you guys recommend for a high pitched squeak? because ive looked at buying one but all the ones i can find audio or video reviews of just have a slight noise problem. this is more like a holy crap im going to blow a speaker or 3 by doing this

my amp squeaks too loud what do i do?
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I forgot to mention; if your guitar has single coil pickups, then it'll tend to be noisiery, and might get that squeaky sound.
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Transistor amps tend to get squeeky when they are turned up, it's because of how the transistors distort.
ok well is there anything at all i can do about that ?
red fender strat
digitech rp200a
fender amp
roland micro cube
Are you within close proximity to the amp (with the guitar) when you try to crank it?