I'm gonna be jamming with some bros soon in an acoustic trio and I was wondering if there were any bands that did this already? I'm used to playing electric by myself in bands so I'm kinda intrigued about fitting three guitars into a song is going to work. Suggestions/experiences welcomed.
dont all play the same part, even if you have to have someone play partial chords... someone to lead, etc. dont be afraid to add rhythm into it on your guitar.
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Well, for acoustic instrumental in general of course you gotta check out Rodrigo y Gabriela

Shouldn't be that hard to arrange. Lead, chords, percussion/bass line/harmonized lead

You gots options
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You could have someone use a drop or open tuning to get different chord voicings perhaps?
Check out Staind's MTV Unplugged DVD. They play quite a few songs with three guitar parts.
A Hiding Place for the Moon - Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee, and Craig D'andrea

Good luck trying to play it.
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Capo if one of your friends is uncomfortable with alternate tunings.
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Thank you, whoever suggested Rodrigo y Gabriella. They are absolutely awesome, I was just getting into listening to this type of music, so finding them was awesome.