Found out about this after it happened like last week. Twas a sad day for me.
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old news, there was a thread a week or so back about it I believe

edit: it was posted in the torrenting thread
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thepiratebay and isohunt still win

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wait no its okay because I have never used it for illegal DLing so its okay

*goes and downloads Night of the Living Dead as it is legal to download now*

Fun fact about Night of the Living Dead: it was always in the public domain because something screwed up in the copywriting process. Or something like that.
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Found out about this after it happened like last week. Twas a sad day for me.


I was dissapoint
I haven't used mininova in ages. They seem to lie about their seed numbers...
the jonas brothers are sooo
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Never used it - I go to BitGamer for games and TPB for everything else.
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That's far too clever to be posted in the Pit.
Mediafire, Megaupload and Rapidshare have a load of copyrighted media on there in the form of ZIPs and RARs without the use of torrents. They win.
tis sad for me its the only torrent site i use
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I love you for that thread...

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there's so much more sites out there.

But that's for the torrent thread peoples.
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That was one of the good sites. Was a shame. Still, I think the other sites I've used were better, mind you.
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+ a million. I stopped using Mininova a while ago, because I discovered how much better Isohunt is.
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Mininova used to be great (back when it was legal, of course)
Who cares?

The Pirate Bay FTMFW.

Also Demonoid, if it ever comes back up.
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Most torrent sites suck.
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Pirate Bay give me much bullshit when i search for stuff, torrentz.com FTW, because its like search engine for all torrent sites.
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I want demonoid to get back up

+1, it's been ages
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