hey guys i have just recently completed a new song. I am planning to use the song as part of an album i am working on and i am hoping to hear some of your opinions on it.

the song is called serpent's tongue on my profile, so please do give it a listen and as always i would be happy to hear some of yours work as well
Sounds very proffesional, defo has the BM feel to it.

Well done, excellent piece of work !
Liked the song itself, but in my opinion, having the (high pitch) vocals and snare/cymbals higher in the mix would add much. The bass drum feels a bit "flat" and obtrusive, a bit too much bass on it maybe. This is naturally all my opinion, production is quite the personal matter of course.

The writing is great though, and I love the vocals! Great ending too.

Drop a comment here if you want:

Structure/writing wise, this is fantastic, reminds me ALOT of Transylvanian hunger but with better production. Your high vocals could be louder for sure, they are really well done but they get lost in the mix because your guitar tone has so much midrange. Either you could scoop it a little or turn the high vox up. The lower vox are at a much more appropriate volume. Your drums could use some compression, the bass is pretty loud and the snare and cymbals are... not. The chuggy bits that come ~3:20 are a little thin tone wise, more low mids/bass would be ideal. Swell-y pad thing behing it sounds excellent. The trem picking/lead thing afterward could use a little more presence in the mix.

Keep in mind these are all just minor quips; overall this is really well done, almost sounds like its been mastered already

C4C? "Paths"