i need help coming up with a topic for a paper i'm writing for class. here's the prompt:

ASSIGNMENT: 1 page, 10 pt., single spaced mini-ethnography (aka. ethnographic window) into a distinct cultural phenomena in which you are able to apply theoretical tools, frameworks, to a consideration of the function of magic or religion in everyday life. How does our culture provide us with various structures of 'magical reason'? And what functions might magical reason play in everyday life? How is religion in society about more than just a realm of belief and faith? With respect to the phenomenon that you are examining, how do magical or religious beliefs, values and practices contribute to a cultural worldview?

i can't think of a topic to write about, i've been brainstorming and my mind is blank, probably because i'm like half asleep. the only thing i could think of was chain emails with threats of death or promises of finding true love. i was wondering if you guys could help me think of a topic.

sorry if is making a thread on help for a homework assignment against the rules. i haven't been on in a while and i'm not a regular UG user, so i'm not familiar with all the recent rules and threads.
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sorry i didnt think to go into detail. i'm pretty tired lol. an ethnography is just an anthropological paper that describes a culture or a part of a culture. just a dumb fancy term. basically i need a topic to write about for a paper discussing an instance of 'magic' or, be it real or not, in every day life. an example, used in class so off limits, might be that a baseball player might not eat certain foods on a game day for fear of messing up his performance, or that little kids don't step on cracks because they fear they may break their mother's backs.

i was going to originally write a paper on the phenomena of email or internet chain letters that usually sound something like "Warning Do Not Read This. If you read this you will die. Send this to 15 people" but I couldn't come up with enough BS to cover an entire page
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