Soloists, obviously.



Primary differences are pickups (first has EMG actives, and second has Seymour Duncans) and trem (first is fixed bridge, second is a Floyd Rose® FRT-O2000 Tremolo).

Thing is, I don't know whether or not I really want a trem, so I'm trying to think of other things that would help me decide between the two.

My amp is a solid state Roland Cube, which would probably affect how the EMGs sound, right?

All help appreciated.
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I'd go for an SLS3: Ebony fretboard, hardtail, seymour duncans, looks like the sex
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Quote by LP_CL
I'd go for an SLS3: Ebony fretboard, hardtail, seymour duncans, looks like the sex

I totally would, but I forgot to mention that both of the items I listed are on sale and thus, in my price range. Anything over a 1000 bucks would be really pushing it.
I'll pry open your sphincter and brutally **** you raw.
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Emg's don't give a good sound with a solid state cube, believe me, i've got Emg 81 actives in my Ltd V500 and the sound sucks when playing on my cube
hmm...well, here's my jackson experience
i realize i know hate BOTH emgs, and floating bridges.
if i were to pick one to keep, it'd be the bridge. i'm actually not too bad at setting them up, i just enjoy being able to tune er down to drop d whenever i want. they're a dick load of fun, seriously. how much you'll actually use it, depends on what you play. just keep in mind you'll be doing long string changing sessions, and god forbid if you switch string gauges haha
pickups; EMG cleans suck, thats all there is to it in my opinion (atleast the 81/85. the 60, and the SC are supposed to be ight, i think?) 81 bridge for cleans is really quite terrible haha. it sounds very flat and wide, and dry. it makes the strings sound dead i guess. thats the best description i can come up with. i went to see metallica about a month ago. kirk did a clean interlude solo, on the neck pickup of a black les paul (Emgs) that clean was acceptable but it was nowhere near a "nice" clean sound in my opinion. then again, neither is most of metallica's cleans throughout the years haha. if you need versatility, takes the duncans without a doubt. im trading in my jackson for a fender strat, with singles. no joke. versatility>sheer power in my opinion.
and i'll expect since you looking at these guitars, you like rock and metal. a lot
EMGs=a good push to your amp. the high gain is awesome, i must say. lacking character at times, but you that saturated sound. fairly good note definition, they're a little less washy than my low output duncans i find.
SD=my preference, still. not so in your face. if you like the CoB sound, go EMGs. that (although i think alexi uses HZs..whatever) is a good representaton of EMG sound, in my opinion. obviously, alexi uses very dry sounding rig, but the saturated, in your face tone is the EMG sound. my duncans sound a lot more forgiving i find. they leave some space for your amp to work. its like EMGs pick you up and throw you across the room, whereas duncans kind of just pull you along. my summary is
EMG=ass for anything but high gain metal.
SD=everything else
if you play crazy ass metal, get EMG's. the seymours wont do it (atleast the ones in that particular guitar)

AND...oh jeez, i'd just save up for the SLS3 dude. impulse buying is where you make mistakes. i say you go try the two guitars you mentioned, the SLS3, and then a couple of other strat styles, and then like a les paul or somethin stupid. THEN get your cash together, and go back and try the ones you liked best again. if its not clear what you want to get after, i guess your S.O.L
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Thanks for the responses. But getting the SLS3 is still kinda impractical given my budget.
If you can go with the SL3 get it, but if your a metal head go with the SLSMG
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