to making the higher gain channels on spiders not sound so fizzy or digital
this isn't a bash spiders coz there digital etc or even promoting people buying them
it's information for people who have them and are disapointed with the tone but can't afford upgrading to a new amp
any EQ pedal with a level setting is the answer
means you can go on the crunch or metal models with 2/3s gain put the level full and mess around with the eq ( i personally like a sigmoid EQ) it really tightened up the low end when i tried it with a boss ge7 on the spider iv, so less gain was needed
sorry if this seems incredibly obvious but it shocked me that it would affect it so much
btw i would probably recommend a different EQ pedal but the GE-7 did do the job
hope this has been helpful
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good point,
iv found that alot of gear that i get told sucks is because people dont eq properly.
everyone should get a eq pedal, right now