Hey i'm after a HSH pickup config stratocaster pickguard, left handed in black.

Unfortunately i can't find any thing so far in the UK which can make me one left handed.. the only ones i can find are in the US where the pickguard costs around £30 and shipping costing me £80 which i'm really not to keen on doing aha..

anybody know of any sites which could make me this custom order or even sell it as stock in the UK?

Finding anything other than basic SSS maybe HSS lefty pickguards is really difficult. If you cant find someone to make one your probably gonna have to do it yourself.
There's not many custom makers that i know of in the UK, so your either going to have to go to ebay, or buy one fro ma usa maker, which there is plenty of.
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youd probably be best off buying a HSS pickguard and taking a router to it. thats what id do at least