Alright I've been playing about 4 months, I figured the weakness in my ring finger was normal especially on my non dominant hand. Anyways I've seen very little improvement. I feel like its strong, but not flexible. If I put my fingers down on my desk I can easily move them around solo, make them dance bend them in any direction up down left, curl them. Except my ring finger. I've been doing anything I can think of, nothing seems to help it always just feels tense no matter how relaxed my other fingers are.
Do you play piano or any other instrument?
This can happen if you've been playing for many years.....
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No I don't, I played baseball year round till I broke my leg when I was 16, and backyard sports. No instruments till 4 months ago
Any exercises you'd recommend freepower? I can honestly say it's the finger I use most. I lead my bends with it, most hammer on n pulls offs, granted I use my other fingers but I feel as if most of it is 5h7 or 12p14.