I'm getting an M-Audio Keystation 61es for Xmas, and was wandering if I'm gonna get latency on my laptop?

In college the computer that I use the same m-audio keyboard on (but 49 key) is a lot lower spec than mine, and theres no latency, but I'm not sure if this is anything to go by...

If latency would be a problem, is there any good keyboards to get rather than a midi controller? - Within the same price range.
Nah, no latency, midi is electronic data, so theres no analogue to digital conversion going on.
^You're not 100% right there, it's a 10ms latency from computer --> soundcard --> speakers too, but its not noticeable.
Quote by GisleAune
^You're not 100% right there, it's a 10ms latency from computer --> soundcard --> speakers too, but its not noticeable.

Oh come on

You forgot the 1/170th of a second between the speakers and your ears. Talk about pedantry.

In terms of the OP's signal flow Keystation > Computer as an input is going to have no latency.

In terms of output, that's a different story because it depends what you're using your keystation with, how fast your cpu is, how many plugins you have running.

But purely as an input? No latency except for the amount of time it takes electronic data to flow along a wire.
Latency has mostly to do with hardware/driver cobination issues. This is what to look out for here. Most m=audio comes with ASIO drivers which can be configured to adjust latency from hardware/driver. Buffer size being the most common variable. This plays a key role in your actual latency experienced.
Ah ok that clears things up.

Is a midi keyboard suitable for gigs at all?

I was also wandering if there was anything other than a computer to use one of these keyboards on, some sort of module etc.
Well for recording it works very well. For gigs you will get mixed opions I know for sure. Ive seen this asked on some many different forums with no immediate answer. Some people argue that relying on a computer processor for live shows is a no-no. Especially a windows computer. ehehhee... But then again there are many musicians who do use things like this live. I for one work with computers everyday, so my opinion would be that sure you can use MIDI for gigs, when your computer is properly configured, running good software and stable drivers, it can be very reliable.

Sure there are modules and tons of equipment that one can buy today. But it can get costly to buy pieces of hardware that software can do on a decent pc. Then again there will be people saying the opposite. Its one of thoose hot deabtes.
MIDI controllers are great for gigs if you hook them up to a synth module of some sort, with a computer it's kind of risky, but you see it happening more and more these days, you will want a special VST host app though, that only plays VSTs and doesn't have any DAW stuff, because it would be more stable for that sort of thing.
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