Hello people can i please get a little help\with this:-
I have got a Jackson js30 warrior (very heavy weight model lol) anyway i replaced one of the pickups with an emg 81 a while back but left original passive pots in, there ws no problem sounded cool..now i bought another emg this time an 85 to put in my bridge.
I therefore needed to use the 25k pots supplied with my 81.
Right i have ran into problems.
First of all lets assume i have wired it all correctly.
I plugged the guitar in and no sound whatsoever, i wiggle the cable and pull it slightly out of the jack and now i have sound....but a very thin unpleasant sound, i cant really see where i have gone wrong? (and no saying i went wrong when buying the emg's please lol) the only thing i can think of is the red transistor or whatever it is that was joining the two pots together. i unsoldered that and joined it back together with black wire once i moved the pots further apart from each other (as i needed to) was this right?
Or could it be i havnt wired the switch correctly?
Any ideas or if anyone needs to know more please help!
ive got 2 batterys ive been swapping between the 2 but no help and my switch isnt listed on wiring diagrams supplied by emg.