flickers of golden
embers scorching my
back covered with thick,
black fuzz
woke me up;
haze of morphine
in sickle-cells

weight of scar tissues on young junk
and a white-tailed wolf looking
in through the window;
thought I saw him

curled fumes and ectoplasm flow
s o . p e r f e c t l y
i n t o . . h e r . . f a c e . . l i k e . . b e a u t y . . b e h e l d
i . . . n . . . s . . . o . . . l . . . i . . . t . . . a . . . r . . . y
. . . . s u n r i s e . . . . / . . . . s u n s e t
{anxiety isn't real unless
you allow it to be}
I'm suprised no one said anything about this... I like it although the layout is a bit funny I think it gave it some emphasis to certain parts. Not really sure of ths story you're trying to tell (if you're trying to tell a story that is) but overall I liked it, it was different in a good way so well done.

and thank you for criting my piece.
Love the format, especially effective on the 'insolitary'. The line breaks within the stanzas are a bit odd though. I don't know if it would be worth shanging it though, as it adds to the disoriented 'off' theme. 'Scorching' is an odd word choice when put with the other images you have.

Overall, interesting and enjoyable
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