Can anyone tabb the riffs used on this video and tell me what settings they used to acheive these effects. I have a BOSS ME-70 just like in the video but i cannot work out what they are playing or how they got the effects.

http://www.bossus.com/gear/productdetails.php?ProductId=1001&ParentId=248 - just go to the video section on this page

i mainly need to know what they play and the effects they use in the following sections

-section on combo amp model
-section on clean amp model
-section on the boost setting
-section on boss chorus and the finger tap after
-section on uni-v
-section on boss looper

any others would be a bonus

thanx in advance.... plez have a go an reply your ideas!!
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The page you've requested has moved, or is no longer available.

Appears to have 404'd.
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