It's new guitar time.
Here are the candidates:

Bc Rich Mockingbird ST:

Gibson SG special Faded:

Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde custom:

I play metaly stuff at the minute, but I find myself slipping into classic rock/Hard rock land.

My budget is £600 (GBP)

Mockingbird. It's the best guitar by far out of the three
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Isn't the Mockingbird outta your price range? I thought it was around 1,200 USD... :S
I don't know much about the 3...
And anyways... better to walk into a shop and try out a few appealing guitars and buying the one that feels best.
If you can't decide outta them, then report here...
unless you've already done that... lol
that's the sad thing, there was this great music shop near here but it was closed down, so actually trying any guitar i want is near impossible, unless i payed equivalently $60 for a train ticket to the only shop I know who stocks decent guitars...
Mockingbird, easily.
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