hey dawgs, I'm playing this song
in my band, and I have to improvise a solo over the half-empty part after 2:00

the chords are A, B, C, G and D, but the only pentatonic scales that sound good over it are A minor and E minor - if it's not just because of my untrained ear, why do they apply? the song is in A major (or haha i think it is), so it makes no sense to me

I hope that someone can enlighten me
Use A minor - all the chords fit that key.
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I'd use the A pentatonic major scale.

Yeah if the songs major, but unless it modulates to minor then why does it have a C chord if C# is in A major.
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the chords are really only A C G and D, B is just a transition to C from A
the chords aren't full chords either they're just power chords or '5' chords (A5, C5 etc) so its not possible to determine the key of the song from the guitar.
the A minor pentatonic sounds 'good' over the chords because it is comprised of, A C D E G, and you will notice that all of those notes are present in the progression. A5 is A and E, C5 is C and G, etc
the E minor pentatonic scale also sounds 'good' because it is made up of E G A B and D,
you've noticed that other scales like take G minor pentatonic for example, comprised of G A# C D and F sound less appealing to the ears because the A# and F are a semitone away from A and E which are found in the chord progression, typically we don't like how this semitone interval sounds eg, play the high e string open and 6th fret B string, the interval between the E and F notes is unpleasant and this is effectively what is happening when you solo in g minor pentatonic and other scales over the progression
To the above poster - the key of the song is determined by a sort of 'tonic pull'. In this song, it's A. Then we hear the minor third, C.

A minor.

Then it's just a matter of adding in extra 'colors'...
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I see, thanks guys

I'm in doubt about how to determine what key a song is in now, earlier I was just assuming that the first chord was what it was in, is that incorrect?
It's not necessarily going to be the first chord each time, but most of the that seems to be the case. It's all about that tonic 'pull'...
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