I'm not really a huge pedal guy, so wondering if anyone who is into stomp boxes have tried one of these yet?

At $190, I think it might be pretty good buy, sure sounds pretty decent in the demo, definitely more amp-like and plexi-like than most of the other Marshall in a Box pedals I've personally tried (Hellbender, Crunch Box). Really, I have more pressing issues that require my finances (need a recording interface, new cab, possibly a low wattage practice amp, and a new laptop), but I stumbled upon this demo, just listening for fun and it sounds incredible to me.


I had an OCD, but that had a little too much top for me, this one sounds inherently more plexi-like to me, especially in top end response, a softer, more syrupy tone.

But has anyone actually tried it first hand?
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yeah, problem is that you can only buy through PGS, I'll ask around the net, see if anyone in the area has one that I could test drive.