I was looking at reviews for blues jr both audio and comments. I love the sound variety they give and for a little extra money I feel I can get more range IMO and more noise for jamming purposes. When I tried playing my vox with a drummer it was a joke, and it was fully cranked, distortion pedal, and guitar volume maxed right next to me. All I heard was drums.

I'm feel limited on tone with my Vox as well, it has a good sound just not a large variety. Maybe I'm not trying out enough settings, who knows. Anyways craigslist has numerous fender blues jrs or hot rods for 300-450. I figure sell my vox and a little extra cash I can get one. Your opinions? Or should I keep my vox and look at different pedals, I play blues/rock so suggest pedals if you think I should take this option
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I use pedals with my Vox to get a lot of different sounds and that works for me but it sounds like you're pretty set on the Blues Jr. Seeing as you've tried it and know you prefer it, and it will suit jamming much better then I don't see it why not. I think you should go for the Blues Jr.
blues junior must be good jonas brothers play the bigger versions of it

seriously, i prefer the vox but im sure a lot of other people prefer the blues jr.
just take what fits better for your taste and the music you play
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definitely the blues junior. i wouldnt go for the hot rod i liked mine but it was nothing to raveabout

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

For the price, the Blues Junior kicks ass for the tone of the west side of the pond. If you want something UK-voiced though like your Vox, look into one of those new Soldano-built Jet City's. That said, as a Blues Junior owner, they're great little amps; take pedals no problem, have a beautiful, articulate natural overdrive and a sparkly clean like anything with the words "Fender" and "Tube amplifier" in it's name. That said though, if you prefer British-voiced amplifiers, you'd be better, again, with a Jet City, so go try them out before deciding.

And just since you said that with your drummer it was a problem, I figure I'll chime in; I've used mine in a 6-piece band(Not including my singing) and at a few gigs with that band and a friend's, and I can say resoundingly that it will come through loud and clear. As for pedals since you asked about those, you can never go wrong with a good tubescreamer and a wah for blues, but it all depends on how crunchy you like things.

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