Ok, so I'm primarily a guitarist but I've been playing bass in a hardcore/metalcore band for around 3 or 4 months now. We're starting to play a bunch of shows and recording and this band is actually looking like its going places out of my friend's basement.

This is great and all, but I have a problem. I'm currently playing out of a Behringer Ultrabass amp and it's just not cutting it. My drummer plays loud, really loud and if I turn my amp up to the point where I have to it distorts horribly and starts overheating. I've decided to get a new amp for Christmas I just don't know what. It needs to be loud, have a decent sound, and be relatively affordable($600-$900). I'd pick a half stack over a combo because most venues we're playing at provide a cab and it would be much easier just bringing a head as opposed to a whole giant combo. I've been researching bass amps, but I still know next to nothing about them. Any recommendations?
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I would go with Acoustic's B600 head and their 4x10 cabinet. That should give you plenty of power to be heard above your drummer without the amp clipping. It also sounds very good, and can give you a variety of useful tones. It will also fit within your budget.

If you have been running a Behringer Ultrabass at high volumes, I am a bit surprised that it hasn't yet caught fire. Definitely lose that thing.
craigslist my friend. craigslist.

Look through that and as you find bass stuff hit up a review site and read up on it. Thats what always worked for me.
Hmmmm, $600-$900 starts to put you into Markbass territory, although it doesn't leave you with much for a cab

Take a look at Peaveys, Acoustics, Ashdowns, and Galien Kruger. Look on Craigslist, you can usually get great deals on used amps and cabs.
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Spector and Markbass