I just got an ESP ltd m400 2 days ago, and already one of the strings broke. I was told to string them from the headstock, to the bridge (backwards), so the ball should be cut off at the top. But when i cut the strings that were previously on the guitar, the ball was uncut, and were thru the bridge first. So do i string them thru the top or the bottom first?
either way is fine, you don't cut the ball ends off if you string it from the top. You just stick them through the tuners and then you cut the excess off at the bridge, then tune up. It just makes it simpler and faster to do that. There's no real other benefit or anything else.
Re-string it like it was (cut the ball ends off and clamp it into the bridge first then string it to the head and tune).
As chad11491 said doing it the other way is quicker but personally I would never have the ball ends at the head of the guitar.