Ok, as usual my mix of groovy basslines and funky drumbeats. I wanted to write a laid-back acoustic song but some parts ended up pretty heavy.

Optimized for RSE. RSE recording on my profile for everyone with midi.

C4C, the more you write, the more I write in return.
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Thanks for critting my song, mate. Here I am in return

Quote by thorbor
as usual my mix of groovy basslines and funky drumbeats

Thumbs up for that. As a drummer, I can tell you the drums are really well written, with fast fills, open hats, ghost notes... Would be fun to play. The bassline is another standout aspect of the song. I assume you're a bassist (if you're not then you're a f*cking genius man), and that you like playing bass. It's catchy, melodic (if that's the correct word), it's rhythmic.... I really enjoyed the bass in Theme 6.

The entrance of distortion lead guitar is great, as it is throughout the whole song. I see what you meant now with the phrasing when you commented on my song, and believe me, I'm learning from your song.

For anyone else who reads this, use RSE. It sounds really well. The phrase 'optimized for RSE' couldn't be more accurate. Sounds excellent.

Anyway, I told you I sucked at critting lol, but here I am. Congratulation, honestly. Keep it up!
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Intro is pretty normal, nothing special to say about anything here but the bass (once it starts playing, of course).

Seems like the whole drum beat is just playing over and over again without much of any variety.

Theme 3: Definitely some nice guitar work here, drums are changing, I like this part quite a bit.

Theme 4: Nice little chords, like the drum part and the bass lick that repeats. Interesting solo, can't find anything wrong about it.

Theme 5: Bleh, nothing special at all here, really, but it works for a transition.

Theme 6: Love this bass lick and the guitar that comes in at 97. Gets boring after a while.

Theme 4 revisited: Still liking the same parts, nothing wrong here yet again.

I'd consider adding more in length to the song. It seems like something great was coming to happen after the theme revisiting, but nope, just a fade out.

6/10 or so. Not my type of music though. So take it for what you want.
^to be honest it's not yet really finished, I still need to spend some time on the drums, most of is (still) copypaste. Same goes for the ending, I'm not sure if I keep it as it is. It was mroe or less a quick idea to get this song posted on here.

thanks for the crit though
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one of the most interesting songs I've heard posted here in a while. To me it's a positive that the genre doesn't end in -core or -metal.

the main things that stood out to me were the ending, and the intro clean muted chords which i think could use a little more interest with maybe adding an extra interval to them instead of just having the G power chords for instance, add in the 7ths and 6s to make an interesting melody.

Other than that great stuff keep at it.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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You have a fantastic ear for melody!! The solos and basslines were phenominal! My major criticism is just that i think you need to move the chords a bit more frequently, i felt at times that i was being assaulted by dminor in theme 4 (which was beautiful nonetheless). If you moved your harmony around a bit more by adding even one more chord to themes 1,2 and 4 the song would be complete for me. I love what you did in bars 34-35. More parts like that would be great to avoid too much repetition.
Your guitar solo writing is just brilliant and I think you should just go nuts with it from 4b solo onwards and just keep soloing to the end! haha but i just like guitar solos...
overall, great job, nice and original with great melodies. I look foreward to your other compositions sir
please crit my other songs
Added another solo and tweaked some thigns here and there, check it out
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The solos are really great. This is really my thing at all but I enjoyed it. I'd give it a 9/10. The only thing that reall would need some work is the drums but I am sure that your drummer probably would do something else anyways
I thought I was the only one that just numbered my songs isntead of giving them titles. Quite funky part at 2. Listening it on midi, which makes it sound like a computer game. Like the bass filla t 17. Like the theme, Jazzy break. Like the feel of the song a lot. Nice lead. Like theme 4, I really like what you're doing with the basguitar. Theme 4 kind of evilishes but nice with the lead. Begins to start rather hautning at theme 5, creepy. Nice bassline. Part at 97 sounds rather spacy, sounds good, the lead over that is nice aswell. Theme 4 is nice again.

Pretty cool song, I like the mix between Funk and a bit of experimental evilish stuff. Nice song, might be a tad boring though if ti's going to be instrumental, but then again it's guitar pro and a lot of dynamics have probably gone lost because of that.
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